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‘Chanté, You Stay!’

OK, so after plunging the depths with the most spiritually transcendent music, now is the time to soar to some outrageous heights. Did you watch Season 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, on LOGO? (I’ve found the re-runs to be the most re-watchable reality TV…as it ripens with age.) If not, brace yourself for Season 2, AND be a part of changing its fate.

Drag Race

Stop throwing your money away, making phone calls to vote for your American Idol favs. Start casting FREE online votes for aspiring Drag Race contestants (1 vote allowed per day for each potential contestant)! And, there are currently 4 of my favorite San Francisco Queens already in the running to get on the show.

Go to my public profile to see my Dream Queens/favs. NO, I’m not in the running, just touting my favs. Here’s the scoop on each of them:

Mercedez Munro

Mercedez MunroMercedez is a statuesque beauty and major talent. She is an incredible dancer (ala Janet Jackson), and has the biggest heart. She is Miss Gay San Francisco 2006, and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with her. VOTE FOR MERCEDEZ!

Ginger Snap

Ginger SnapGinger has the sexiest hips, second only to Mae West, and did one of my all-time fav routines at Desperate Divas 2008, as the Incan Princess Yma Sumac (RIP). She is the entertaining hostess of “Snapalicious” at Deco Lounge. VOTE FOR GINGER!

Pollo Del Mar

Pollo del MarPollo has the best name in the biz (but not yet a Taco Bell meal), is an unforgettable and vibrant persona. She never disappoints with great costuming and performance concepts! She is Miss Trannyshack 2007. VOTE FOR POLLO!

Raya Light

Raya LightRaya shocks me each time I see her perform. She is queen of filth, and is flawless in her lip-synching and commitment to her art. She has the hottest 6-pack on any drag queen, and is known to go full monty without batting an eyelash. VOTE FOR RAYA!