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What’s a Flying Layback Spin, you ask?

An online forum on this technical element piqued my interest. Amusingly, it was referred to there as “very dangerous” and a “safety hazard”, which of course only made it sound all the more compelling (shades of the Iron Lotus, in Blades of Glory, at 0:52 and 4:37)!

Curiously, there is a flying layback spin listed on the ISU CoP, as “FLSp”. Yet, I’d never seen one executed, at least that I could recall.

Thankfully, came to the rescue. Although the following samples may not be executed perfectly, you get the idea. In other words, it’s not unlike a flying sit spin, in that it is a traditional layback spin, preceded by a rotating/spinning hop.

Sample 1 (at 3:30):
Executed by Ji Eun-Choi (KOR), 2006 4CC FP

Sample 2:
Executed by “Gotoh1YuchiLover001”

Sample 1 appears to maintain the same foot for both the hop and the spin, but Sample 2 appears to have a change in the foot (ie: more of a hop-over). I can’t speak to which is technically correct. Can you shed any light on that technical detail?

Hallelujah! Shen & Zhao Return verified what the ISU Grand Prix09 season lineup first revealed! Chinese pair Shen & Zhao are back in the game! They will appear at Cup of China, and Skate America, and are aiming for a ticket to Vancouver in ’10. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that they beat out their compatriots Zhang & Zhang, their biggest competition, to win both titles.

Shen & Zhao

Out of all the comeback news (officially announced to date, that is), this is arguably the most welcome, and they are arguably the most loved skaters attempting this return to competitive ice. They are among my favorite pairs teams of all time, and made My Desert Island Skates list, with their inspirational Turandot long program, at ’03 Worlds. That performance will not soon be forgotten by those who witnessed it. Watch it here, if you missed it.

Shen & Zhao off iceWhen they made their competitive exit after the ’07 season (with 3 World titles and 2 Olympic bronze medals in their cache), they were still in top form, and on top of the competitive field. Only Hongbo’s achilles injury and recovery threatened their future viability. Hopefully, although they’ve been very busy with skating shows and off-ice commitments, with a break from the demands of competition they will return to top form. Thankfully, China is guaranteed three berths at the Vancouver Games, so this return will not rob Pang & Tong, or Zhang & Zhang an opportunity to have their moment.

I extend to them (and their fans) a sincere “Welcome back!” and, “GO GET ‘EM!”. As much as I love Savchenko & Szolkowy, I’d love to see Shen & Zhao take the gold in Vancouver. They will easily be the sentimental favorites, but hopefully more. I feel it’s their turn, and were it not for the extensive training they missed, due to Hongbo’s injury, would have been theirs in Torino.