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What’s a Flying Layback Spin, you ask?

An online forum on this technical element piqued my interest. Amusingly, it was referred to there as “very dangerous” and a “safety hazard”, which of course only made it sound all the more compelling (shades of the Iron Lotus, in Blades of Glory, at 0:52 and 4:37)!

Curiously, there is a flying layback spin listed on the ISU CoP, as “FLSp”. Yet, I’d never seen one executed, at least that I could recall.

Thankfully, came to the rescue. Although the following samples may not be executed perfectly, you get the idea. In other words, it’s not unlike a flying sit spin, in that it is a traditional layback spin, preceded by a rotating/spinning hop.

Sample 1 (at 3:30):
Executed by Ji Eun-Choi (KOR), 2006 4CC FP

Sample 2:
Executed by “Gotoh1YuchiLover001”

Sample 1 appears to maintain the same foot for both the hop and the spin, but Sample 2 appears to have a change in the foot (ie: more of a hop-over). I can’t speak to which is technically correct. Can you shed any light on that technical detail?