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“GAY Stars On Ice & Friends!” PRESENTS:

Johnny Queer

There’s been SO much press and discussion about Johnny’s “STARS On Ice” exclusion, and of him wanting to produce his own alternative show, complete with his Lady Gaga. I didn’t trust that any producer could get this off the ground as a tour…MAYBE as a one-time tv special (Johnny, please prove me wrong!). So, with my wildest fantasies sparked, I took the bull by the horns, and dreamt up something truly “family friendly” (nudge nudge, wink wink): “GAY STARS On Ice & Friends!” Instead of creating an entirely new name, it’s a more effective rubbing-in-the-face to alter it slightly…and “RAINBOWS On Ice” just doesn’t have any ring to it.

Some would argue that “STARS On Ice” IS essentially “GAY STARS On Ice…” already, in everything but name. However, the reaction to Johnny’s request for inclusion has clued us into the fact that this is not the case, at least as per some of the mainstream target audience. No, surprisingly, Johnny hasn’t verbally “come out,” but he upholds “gay” where it counts, and I, and gay kids everywhere applaud him for that.

The Concept

My concept is for an independent skating show that would travel to only the hippest urban spots, aka the biggest gay cities: SF, NY, LA, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Dallas, Miami, etc. Oh, and the top-billing sponsor (ala Smuckers) goes to the maker of Twinkies® and Ho-Hos®…not to mention Sno Balls®! Yes, that’s Hostess’ GAY Stars on Ice!”

The programs and performances would tip the scales in favor of the campy, flamboyant, and festive. BUT, there would be plenty of true, heartfelt gravitas as well, with a strong nod to high-classical repertoire (ie: from full-length ballet, and opera). It would honor and encourage the young aesthetic and spirit, AND the old gays.

What would be forbidden? Typical Pro/EX-skating fare: cheesy-sexy-faker rock (ala Michael Weiss, Josef Sabovcik, and just about any American pair’s EX), alpha-male, testosterone-filled movie soundtracks (ala Eldredge), karate-inspired numbers (ala Stojko), vanilla hip-hop (ala Belbin & Agosto, and Evan Lysacek), and so on. Basically, all the stuff that makes me yawn and avoid most Pro shows altogether these days.

What makes something “gay (besides the skater)? In short…1) a triumphant rising-from-the-ashes return of a diva (see Bobek and Harding); 2) male face makeup and glitter (ie: Johnny doing Gaga); 3) pride anthems (see Sandhu and Sawyer’s programs); 4) a nod to the older gay generation(s), who paved the way and, yes, we know, had it much harder (see Cranston); 5) plenty of pop and opera diva icons; and all this:

Program (Act I)

Vogue — Complete Cast

If You Were Gay (from Avenue Q) – Brian Boitano & Brian Orser

One (LIVE, by Adam Lambert) – Denise Biellmann

Bad Romance (LIVE, by Lady Gaga) – Johnny Weir

It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green (by Kermit) – Rudy Galindo

Guess Who I Saw Today (by Nancy Wilson, AMAZING video!) – Weir, Gregory
& Petukhov

You Gotta Have a Gimmick (from Gypsy) – Tonya Harding

Sag Mir Wo die Blumen Sind (Where Have All the Flowers Gone?) (Marlene Dietrich) – Katarina Witt

Sisters (from White Christmas) – Stéphane Lambiel & Rudy Galindo (featuring a throw triple axel)

Act II: Le Lac Des Cygnes (from Swan Lake) – ALL the boys in tutus (ala Les Ballets du Trockadero)

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David Wilcox: Musical Prophet

The Backstory

Shortly after CJ and I met and started dating he gave me a mix tape, YES, that age-old expression of crushing, lust and/or love… take your pick! And, it WAS a tape, NOT a cd. It even had the song ‘Mix Tape’, from Avenue Q on it. Here’s an amusing and relevant excerpt:

A mix tape. He made a mix tape. He was thinking of me, which shows he cares! Sometimes when someone has a crush on you they’ll make you a mix tape to give you a clue.

David in concertAnyways, the most prominent artist on that special mix was David Wilcox, featured in the tracks ‘Fearless Love’, ‘Catch Me If I Try’, and ‘All My Life’. I’ve listened to that mix and those songs for years… and now they are a part of me. Well, thankfully, last night we experienced David’s artistry LIVE, in an intimate concert at the Swedish American Hall, on Market Street. I had never set foot in this space. It is right above Café Du Nord (which we were just at last week), has an acoustically resonant wood interior, and is very warm in its typically swedish decor.

The Concert

Thanks to our friend’s invitation and eagerness (first in line!), we scored front row seats. David sprang out of the rear of the hall, earlier than the start time, and announced that he HAD to start making music. I could immediately see his love for his art brimming forth.

He performed some old fan favorites, and works from past albums:
‘Eye of the Hurricane’, ‘Three Brothers’, ‘Rusty Old American Dream’, ‘Perfect Storm’, ‘Plain View’, ‘Native Tongue’, ‘Start With the Ending’, and ‘Show Me the Way’ (encore).

…As well as songs from his newest album Open Hand:
‘Dream Again’, ‘Red Eye’, ‘Captain Wanker’, ‘Winter at the Shore’, ‘Open Hand’, ‘Modern World’, David Wilcox: Open Handand ‘How Long’ (with a sing-along refrain).

His voice is a beautiful meld of nurturing, paternal, sage-like, hushed, caressing, but with thrust and gravitas when called for. He uses it as simply as when he speaks, not fussing over “technique” or diction. This video of Eye of the Hurricanecaptures him in a vibrant LIVE setting not unlike ours.

His lyrics are like a Bible of truths, offering the kind of quotable insight and revelation that people like to post on facebook and forward around, because they are so real, and hit so close to home. I am drawn most to the songs that speak to the more overtly spiritual aspects of life, and less so to his whimsical pieces (ie: ‘Captain Wanker’), but I enjoy those as a sort of palette cleanser, because who wants to cry through an ENTIRE concert!? Here’s a trailer for an upcoming documentary that gives a hint of what’s behind his art, and the lives he touches.:

His songStart With the Endingis a telling examination of what would happen if we were to start a relationship with the break-up: removing the over-analyzing, perfection-seeking, and fear of loss. In introducing the song, he also used this idea to pose what it might be like to start life with death, thereby removing the fear of it, and being able to life more fully, and actually evolving INTO the simplicity of youth and non-verbal communication. Fascinating!

His facial expressions are of complete gratitude and joy. He is clearly channeling the spirit, without obstruction, and living his bliss! His periodic smile stretches from ear-to-ear, and is very infectious.

Stories & Lyrics

He is a great storyteller, keeping us rapt for long stretches. One of his “stories” was an evolution of seeing things before us that are often considered separate, but really aren’t: his left versus right hand playing his guitar, his hands versus his voice, the performer (him) versus the audience, one’s heart versus another’s, and so on. It was a beautiful and poignant way of seeing the world differently, and all its inter-connectedness. He speaks a lot about listening to his guitar, and which song(s) his guitar is urging him to do next. Coming from another artist this might feel contrived, but not from him.

He spoke of his travels to Sudan, also captured on his website: “The ability to perform solo makes possible appearances such as a recent, last-minute trip to Africa, where Wilcox performed in Sudan at the country’s first national day of prayer. Concern about national and international crises led to songs such as ‘Three Brothers’, a moving, allegory of Middle East turmoil.”

And, on top of all of this, I discovered that he’s from my homeland: Ohio! Wish I had known when I met and thanked him afterwards. You know, we have one of those secret handshakes


I know that compassion is all out of fashion,
and anger is all the rage…
Grow up and give in to that cynical spin
that you see on most every page
We all know what’s wrong with the system
how the people are puppets and fools.
If they’re not strong, it will trick them,
they’ll get used up like factory tools:
The kids just give up in those schools…

…yeah, but what is it, really, that’s keeping me
from living a life that’s true?
When the worries speak louder than wisdom,
it drowns out all the answers I knew,
so I’m tossed on the waves on the surface.
Still, the mystery’s dark and deep,
with a much more frightening stillness…

Hopelessness always comes easy.
But “easy” does not make it right.
Courage can look past that surface,
but fear will still put up a fight.
When I get scared and scattered,
and I don’t know where to begin,
why even care; it doesn’t matter.
Why fight when you know you can’t win?
It’s easier just to give in.

‘Home Within Your Heart’
from Underneath

Too tired to sleep, too angry to pray,
too far down to get back up, too lost to find my way.

Who knows what happened, I’m too confused to say,
and too far gone to turn back now;
it’s too late anyway.

I don’t need a clever confidant to try
to soothe with hollow words,
I’ve heard them all.

What I need is just to know
I have a home within your heart.
Just hold me close. A few words will do.

We don’t have to find the answers now,
it’s enough to be with you.