The Fine Art of Plate Portraiture

For my 40th Bday (last saturday) I commissioned some of the finest artistes in the Bay Area to create a distinct portrait of me or other luminary present.

(Translation: A bunch of friends drew a face on a plate.)

Here are the results…from brilliant, to f!@#$d up, to amusing:

Me as Chang, in Thrillpeddlers’ Cockettes’ “Pearls Over Shanghai.” (Won “Most Creative.”)

Me as Chang (Back, same artiste; Depicting my backside, revealed through satin boxer trap door!)

Cro-magnon jcm (Won “Most F!@#$d Up!” Created by artist without looking down at plate.)

Fuzzy jcm (Very impressive symbology in the linework.)

Other Winning Entries

And, here are some of the best of other important subjects in attendance:

Graphic Laura (Won “Most Accurate” Prize)

David in Pink (Won “Most Cute” Prize)

Van Gogh Jed (Unsurprassed freedom in the brushwork and glitter usage.)

Minimalist Romi (Note the utter simplicity of line and color.)

Unknown Expressionistic Subject (A Revolutionary use of color and abstract shape.)


2 comments so far

  1. Ice Charades on

    Love the Pearls Over Shanghai! But Romi is pretty cool too. Happy 40th – it looks like you guys know how to party. Is it too late for my daughter to enter the race? She loves to draw.

  2. jumping clapping man on

    Glad you enjoyed them. The glitter really took them to another level, eh?!

    Any and all plate portraits are welcome! 😉

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