Noone is Unbeatable: Torino Worlds Ladies SPs

Torino, Land of…Cars?

Ah, Torino…unromantically billed as “the Automobile Capital of Italy.” But, I love the images of Torino’s skyline, offset by the surrounding Alpine mountains, and with the Mole Antonelliana towering beautifully above. The Mole is even more striking when seen against a pastel pink and blue sky. It is considered the tallest museum in the world. Stylistically, it doesn’t have what I would consider typical Italian architecture, and almost looks more eastern in character to me. Perhaps this is the Jewish influence, as it was originally constructed as a synagogue.

Now, onto the competition. In keeping with prior scheduling gaffs, coverage begins smack dab in the middle of Kostner’s program. Perhaps I should be more forgiving, as it appears to be truly “live.” Sadly, I miss out on seeing Makarova’s moment. Thankfully, it can be found here, complete with her Johnny arms and telegraphed jumps, as well as some great spins and energy throughout.

Vancouver Redux

Mao Asada (2nd): Andrea Joyce states that “She’s gotta keep this rivalry (with Yu-Na) going.” Great 3A! Her jumps are SO solid. If Yu-Na opens the door, Mao’s apparently going to run screaming through it. Next season: Giselle, or anything from classical ballet rep, please! If Yun-Na is Queen, Mao is Princess…or, better yet, Dark Queen! Very well centered and fast spins. In the slow-mo on the 3A, it looked like it was short 1/8, NOT 1/4 of rotation, so it shouldn’t be downgraded. Wow, a low score, 5 points below her personal best. Why? It looks like the 3A was downgraded after all. (I have some scoring gripes about these 3A downgrades I’ll address in a future post.)

Miki Ando: I will not miss this “Requiem” program. OMG, down on her 3Lz! This is NOT good…well, it is for Nagasu and Flatt. I can SMELL that 3rd US berth (lucky Ashley)! There’s just nothing special about her skating. She’s just going through the motions. The catch foot spin (ie: half-Biellmann, where the skate is placed and held near the head) has to be the ugliest move in skating. It should be banned! Wow, a smile from Morozov at the boards? That effectively took her out of medal contention, barring meltdowns from others.

Laura Lepisto: She skates like a faerie, with a very light spirit and carriage. Beautiful 3/3! She reminds me a bit of young Meissner, but with more artistry. I like her sideways layback position. I also think this naturalistic Welsh program music is a perfect match for her style. Down on her 2A?!@#$ She might have moved ahead of Mao had she skated cleanly. Argh!

Elene Gedevanishvili: Nice to see a “woman” on the ice, although her measurements HAVE to make jumps much harder. An awkward fall on her 3Lz. Great 3T/3T…perhaps the second was a bit underrotated. Showing the blade close-up on her Sasha Toothpick extension spin? Is Universal afraid she didn’t shave? Oooh, no hug or kiss from Robin…looks a bit mutually chilly. Looks like a downgrade on the second 3T.

Straightening in The Loft

Is that Rosalynn Sumners with Andrea? She sounds like a Valley Girl who did too many Hairy Nipple shots last night. No, it’s Tara, again. I’d like her to offer a stronger audible emotional engagement in her commentary. She’s sounding a bit too casual. But, up in The Loft, her hair is MUCH better today. Her gays must have helped her straighten it last night. It’s so interesting to see that Jenny Kirk, Tara, Johnny, Belgosto are all seemingly trying out to be this generation’s Peggy & Dick. Remember when Boitano did some commentating? Short lived. Leanne Geshwin (sp?) seems awkward to me. How did she become a part of this broadcast team? She must have some dormant skating expertise.

Final Flight: A Spirals Minefield

In the warm-up, from the aerial shots, Leonova has the exact same silhouette and energy as Slutskaya. She looks out of shape to me, and is going down on all her jump attempts. Not lookin’ good!

Mirai Nagasu (1st): Senior Worlds debut! Even her crossovers are beautiful. I wonder if Frank approved her to do the 3Lz/3T. It may get downgraded, but it was landed! She really wants this! I love this spunky, youthful program for her. Peerless layback and Biellmann. She attacks the footwork, and gives it a lot of character. She vaults past Mao with a 70.40 SB/PB!

Kim Yu-Na: Perfect 3/3. I felt she was leaning a bit farther forward than usual on the combo…I was on the edge of my seat for that one. A scratchy, cheated landing on her 3F. Ooops, she missed the entry on her spin! Wow. OMG, she lost her catch blade on her spiral. What’s happening? Will she fall behind Mirai? That might be an awful lot of pressure for Mirai, going into the FS. OMG, 60.30. That’s 18 pts. lower than her Olympic SP score. She’s not unbeatable. She’s human. And, she’s allowed to make mistakes.

Akiko Suzuki: Bad fall on 3F (didn’t even get to 3T). Turn out on her 3Lo/2T combo. Falls out of her spiral, but regains her position. Just shows you, these spirals are difficult, and not throw away elements. Step out of her 2A. A really weak showing for her. Too bad!

Rachael Flatt: 3F/2T. I could tell going into it that she was going too slow for a 3/3. She seems slower than usual. Lovely layback position, but again, slow. A clean skate! EVERYONE wants her to let her “cute” personality out more. Ugh…how tired. This footwork looks pretty “cute” to me. 6th place. WAIT, that’s behind Kostner? Pathetic! Kostner is once again severely overmarked (she should be behind Rachael, in 6th or 7th, NOT in 4th) Well, I’m sure Carolina will spoil the good will with a tragic FS.

Alena Leonova: LOVE the dirty, trashy white skates! She looks out of shape, and wipes her butt all over that italian ice. What’s happened to her?

Complete final SP results here.

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