Mahler Reigns Again: Torino Worlds Ice Dance FD

A Fond Farewell

Navarro & Bommentre: I will miss this program, and this team. Although part of me wishes Belgosto had competed so we could finally capture our North American sweep, I’m happier that NavBomm could compete, and enjoy their presumable competitive farewell at such a high level.

The skate didn’t have as strong an emotion for me as it did at Nationals, but part of that may be that the camera work feels less personal and nuanced here, and Nationals is just a more “homey” and warm setting for skaters and fans. That being said, they gave a strong skate, with only a small lack of twizzle unison, and a blade catch for him during a transition. They get -1 deduction, presumably for a lift that was too long. If this is the end, you have given fans so much pleasure, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do in Pros! Next up…as per their backstage interview: Italian wine, cheese, culture, art. Well deserved pleasures!

Other Early Highlights

Crone & Poirier: He has one of the best backs of the men in this competition! I love this program…gentle, lyrical, and intimate, starting with “Nocturne.” He especially is a very engaging performer, and really communicates with her throughout. I was amazed to discover that he’s a singles’ skater too (as is she), as the requirements of ice dance are so different. I love the transition into their mid-section, a lyric version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I’m developing a skating crush on him…seems to be such a vulnerable guy in the kiss-n-cry. Great speed on their spins! I get a kick out of their Coraline-looking coach!

The Zaretskys: A dramatic, somber couple, and program. I feel their costumes are actually TOO stark, and the accent colors too subtle, and too much of a dark wall to draw me in. The tempo of the music is also largely the same throughout the program, not providing the emotional ups-and-downs that a program like Marlie’s provides. Their spins feel slower than the prior Canadians, and I was surprised they were placed ahead of the them…but, by only 1 pt.

Final Flight

Oh no, Tara got the boot from Johnny’s Couch…supplanted by Tanith! Gasp!

Pechalat & Bourzon: GOOD, I’m so pleased their heavy-handed time/clock program, seen last in Vancouver was put back on the shelf! Smart choice. This circus program from last season has more character, whimsy and real interaction. Risky? We’ll see. Good speed and flow. WOW, I love their reverse twist transition into their low back-leaning lift. Great twizzles. The costume change on him, to reveal the bright yellow is very fun, and well suited to the explosion in the music. Ah-dorable, and strong. Perhaps worthy of the bronze? I don’t know if they can make up the 4 pt. deficit they already have. But, a SB/PB!

Davis & White: Alright Christine & Phantom…let’s do this. Their speed and attack are notable immediately. I love the transition right before the vocal “Music of the Night” mid-section begins, very beautiful and graceful, with great stretch. She looks so free and gamine. They threw it to the wind. I gasped at the fleet lift spin and mini-jump/throw at the end. Perfection! They could take this, like they did at the GP Final.

Virtue & Moir: Immediate tears. They really know how to use the pauses in their program to weave a powerful and moving restraint. The simplicity is so refreshing after Marlie’s busier program. “ART!” A slight twizzle unison issue for Scott. She did a slight balance check on their signature “Goose” lift. Could these add up? The intimacy of their touch, especially when she touches his face is so moving. It’s so hard to believe they’re not a couple, because they embody love in this program. GREAT acting. Even with a -1 deduction they stay in first, and take gold. That was close!

Faiella & Scali: Were their voices added after Vancouver? I don’t remember that unique and individual touch. Will they receive a home-country scoring advantage? They look a little tentative and cautious to me. Playing it safe? She has a problem with her twizzle catch foot, and goes a little wayward, but saves it. Honestly, I don’t think they should beat the french in the FD, but with their lead, it will probably be enough. She is from Rome, and he from Monterotondo, in the Province of Rome. It’s enough for the bronze. What a great home-country moment for them. One they will never forget!

The Kerrs: I love her look…sort of elven, like that of a Cate Blanchett Lord of the Rings character. She doesn’t grab her blade soon enough in their twizzles, likely lowering their level. Too bad. I love the freshness of this program, as with NavBom, but without their strong emotional connection. Their highest placement ever…5th! Good job.

Wow, I just noticed that Khoklova & Novitski withdrew. I suppose that Russia loses a berth with this development.

The battle for gold was VERY close, and the battle for bronze was VERY close. It proved to be an exciting event.

See complete final ice dance results here.

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