Torino Worlds OD: Boys and Their Fizzles

Belgosto’s Commentating Devirginization

Tanith initially looks a bit horrified…hands clasped tightly, and rather frozen in position. Belgosto use the word “excited” 4 times in the first 20 seconds. Clearly green. However, thankfully she’s worked on lowering her Minnie-Mouse helium voice, which she has now passed down to Meryl Davis. She sounds MUCH more pleasing and mature here. I suppose when you’re not out of breath after a performance, that’s easier to pull off. I’m excited for this opportunity for Belgosto. Good for them.

However, I can’t help but feeling that dorky old “dad” (aka Peter Carruthers) has crashed the fun, groovy, hip kid’s parté up in “the loft”…led by Sparkly Boy.

OD’ing on ODs?

Crone & Poirier: They are very promising. I love that he plays so butch in this spanish number, but in the kiss-n-cry the purse falls out of his mouth. You go gurl!

The Kerrs: Hawt male kilt alert! Now, that’s worth some major points. Interestingly, it makes him as much (or more) interesting to watch than her, which is a bit unusual, as usually the ladies’ costume has more flash. I like that they are not playing it safe in that respect. Who misses Johnny Cash? Not me. I like this program. It’s very entertaining and showy, but you can tell their hearts are in it. I really want to see this team move up in the standings. I’m not sure what it’s gonna take. A clean skate! And, a little Sharon Stone in the kiss-n-cry from John…nice!

Davis & White (2nd): I must confess, despite how much I love this program, I’m a bit tired of it. I think this speaks more to how LONG this season has been, with the Olympics and all. Despite that, I’m reminded of how unique this piece is. Every arm movement is “indigenous,” and not just a stock gesture. They are SO damn consistent. No bobbles or fizzles. Twizzles of fire! They’re here to win, and get a season’s best. Overall, scores at Worlds have been even higher than in Vancouver. Perhaps they’ll stage an upset?!

Faiella & Scali (3rd): 9-time World competitors, wow! I’m excited for them to potentially snag the bronze. I really like the starkness of their black and white costumes, and enjoy the raw, folksy quality of their program music…like a bunch of EYE-talians hangin’ and drinkin’ at a local bar. Ooops, she steps out of her twizzles early, and he steps down on his. This could open the door for the french (who I’d also love to see in bronze). Good energy crank-up mid-section.

Pechalat & Bourzat: Gotta love the gap in her teeth…SO Lauren Bacall. I always shut down for country routines, but they’re CUTE. I’ll always perk up for him in chaps. They seem slower than the italians. Perhaps it’s the faster music. Good character throughout the music…the audience buys what they’re sellin’. HE steps out of twizzles. Well, looks like they slammed shut the door that was open.

Virtue & Moir (1st): Her eyes are stunning…great makeup and lashes. I’ve already waxed poetic on jcm about this red dress…she WORKS it! They have such killer instinct and focus. These Zueva & Sphilband couples just don’t err. The expression feels very authentic., and they skate so close together, even during difficult footwork. He somehow finds his inner alpha-male…displaying a lot of swagger and punch.

Samuelson & Bates: (Sorry, I was compelled to fast-forward.) They need to grow so much expressively. At least I don’t have to resent them here for knocking Navarro & Bommentre out, as in Vancouver.

Khokholva & Novitski: Hate this program, but it amusingly calls to mind this chestnut. At least she looks like a giant magenta Quinceñera cake! I wanna eat her.

Fizzles Galore

Bourzat, Scali, Novitski, and Lanotte all exhibited the finest of fizzles. The result of end of season fatique, or apathy? When the bronze is up for grabs, I’m surprised any of them are throwing these away.

The Kerrs are in striking distance, in 5th…YEAH!!! Actually, I’m pleased the italians, french and english all have a chance for the bronze, and it all comes down to their FD.

See complete OD results here.


2 comments so far

  1. wagrobanite on

    I’m also a blogger about Gymnastics and so I find it extremely odd that Figure skating has Worlds AFTER Olympics. I frankly think it’s kind of nuts. The skaters are so tired after the Olympics. I think that in the years of the Olympics, they should just suspend the Worlds for that year.

  2. jumping clapping man on

    Well, first off, I find it funny that people derided Tara Lipinski for not going to the Worlds after Nagano, but I haven’t heard a single gripe about Evan’s decision. Sexist? Or, just Tara-bashing? It may have been Peggy and Dick…who had a thorn in their side that Michelle didn’t win. (I also seem to recall Sarah getting a little flack as well.)

    I would agree with you about skipping the post-Olympics Worlds, except, then Daisuke wouldn’t have his gold…which would make me a less happy, fulfilled person. SO, I think these Worlds, however watered down (at least in the Men’s field) has worth and purpose…BUT, I sure as hell have a skating hangover, and am going to go dry for a good long while once it’s finished! 😉

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