A Post-Games Romp

That’s Gay!

Perhaps to cope with the gravitas and intensity of the Vancouver Games, I’m feeling the need to REALLY unwind and revel in some whimsy and trash. (Yeah, Yu-Na wasn’t the only one who was feelin’ the pressure peeps!)

First up, Current TV’s fabulous That’s Gay: Johnny Weir tribute, complete with an Official Sports’ Sexuality Spectrum infographic, showing (straight) football at one end and (gay) skating at the other (I’m gaga for infographics!):

Shocking Skater Faces

Next up, SCARY skater faces from Vancouver (I love Shen & Zhao too much to post the #1 photo of them.) This album been floating around, but one just can’t get enough of these. Here are the best.:

Didn't anyone tell Lambiel & Kozuka your face can get stuck this way?

Tanith puts on the creepy sexy, as Plushy does a real-life Tolstoy (age: 182)

Should Siblings Ice Dance Together?

This album sure makes you question whether siblings should indeed ice dancer together. Particularly, in the Tango Romantica Compulsory Dance, selected for Vancouver, where chemistry and heat are required. Vancouver had four such teams: Kerrs, Zaretskys, Reeds, and Beiers. Here, the Kerrs turn up the heat.:

Seeing Whistler

So, being a total graphic design geek, I was fascinated to discover that jcm’s stats started looking an awful lot like Whistler during the Games (art mirroring life?). Yes, the Olympics were a huge shot in the arm for jcm, and likely every skating/sports blog. The day of the men’s SP (February 16) was my busiest day yet. Now, enjoy the Canadian landscape, as the athletes play upon my stats!:

jcm Goes Down (no, NOT that way!)

On February 18th, WordPress.com was down for 110 minutes, taking over 10.2 million blogs with it. Did you hear that…“10.2 million blogs.” When I read that, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had NO idea the scale of this phenomenon, and this is just one blog server!

I also learned the following: “(WordPress.com has) seen a meteoric rise over the past 4 years with thousands of new blogs still being added every day. According to Quantcast, around 220 million people visit one or more WordPress.com blogs every month.”

My goodness! Can you imagine the amount of revenue that would generate, if all these blogs were business-oriented, OR how many mouths that would feed, if all that blogging time were translated into food or services! Maybe I should stop blogging, and start…


3 comments so far

  1. wagrobanite on

    I frankly think that first video is horrible and it’s just perpetuating stereotypes and I hate it.

    I also don’t think dancing (either ice dancing or ballroom) with your sister is that big of deal.

  2. jumping clapping man on

    Given that that video is a satire, it is lampooning (ala Colbert) the media and Weir critics, NOT Weir. I thought it was entertaining as hell, and can stand by it. If it forced a stereotype on Weir that he didn’t already own it might bother me, but he’s already better at making fun of himself than anyone else, so I don’t see it as harmful.

    Perhaps “straight-acting” gays would be offended. It is polarizing, BUT it’s entertainment, NOT “news.”

    That being said, thanks for your post, and I invite such disagreement and discussion.

    In regards to the Ice Dance, I also don’t think it’s a “big deal,” BUT I do think they’re sort of swimming upstream when it comes to selling a romantic number, as their dynamic is anything but that. In the OD and FD they can build around their strengths (ie: non-romantic story-telling and concept), but in a required Tango Romantica they don’t have that freedom, and are forced to go against their own grain in a sense.

  3. wagrobanite on

    I agree, they do have a disadvantage not to be able to use that story line. And in Ballroom it’s even more complicated because for some dances like Rumba where the definition of the dance is “a vertical expression of a horizontal desire”. One of my questions that I’ve always wanted to ask Derek or Julianne Hough is how they dealt with the rumba…

    maybe that’s why I don’t like the video, I don’t like Colbert 😉

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