What’s a Flying Layback Spin, you ask?

An online forum on this technical element piqued my interest. Amusingly, it was referred to there as “very dangerous” and a “safety hazard”, which of course only made it sound all the more compelling (shades of the Iron Lotus, in Blades of Glory, at 0:52 and 4:37)!

Curiously, there is a flying layback spin listed on the ISU CoP, as “FLSp”. Yet, I’d never seen one executed, at least that I could recall.

Thankfully, youtube.com came to the rescue. Although the following samples may not be executed perfectly, you get the idea. In other words, it’s not unlike a flying sit spin, in that it is a traditional layback spin, preceded by a rotating/spinning hop.

Sample 1 (at 3:30):
Executed by Ji Eun-Choi (KOR), 2006 4CC FP

Sample 2:
Executed by “Gotoh1YuchiLover001”

Sample 1 appears to maintain the same foot for both the hop and the spin, but Sample 2 appears to have a change in the foot (ie: more of a hop-over). I can’t speak to which is technically correct. Can you shed any light on that technical detail?


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  1. Anonymous on

    The correct method is the one done by Ji Eun-Choi because if you check online it states that she is one of the few to be able to perform this spin and that it is rarely performed due to physical danger of landing with a hyperextended back and that few very few coaches even know how this move is performed, but if you check online it is said that Ji Eun-Choi has been sucessfully credited in this move. (sorry if it seems as though I have been repeatitive)

  2. jumping clapping man on

    Fantastic. Thanks for enlightening us on this rarely discussed element. The “Sample 1” text above Ji Eun-Choi’s name in this post is also a link, so readers may click on that to see the “correct” technique you refer to.

  3. Anonymous on

    Both spins are flying laybacks, The same leg landing is however the difference as you pointed out, and is the one referenced by both the USFS and ISU rulebooks. Ji Eun-Choi however did not “technically” complete the movement however as she did not land in the layback postion. As with the flying sit – the sit position must be obtained in the air and maintained during the landing position – this is not done in either example – however the inherent danger in doing so permitted Ji to receive credit – however for the record she performed a flying scratch to a layback

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