Help give birth to a drag queen!

So, Halloween is just around the bend, and if the stars align, I’m aiming to make my drag debut. I sort of got trannied-up last year, but that doesn’t really count.

Although the birth of my drag persona should have been reality TV fodder, the best I can do for now is invite you to help pick my name. I’ve narrowed to a short list of the most appropos names I’ve come up with. Please submit your votes!

The names either play on my love of opera/singing, my horoscope (Taurus: the bull), my white skin, general drag puns, and/or my (sometimes) upbeat and playful nature.

If ya don’t know who Cunegonda is (I do a mean “Glitter and Be Gay”), thank heavens for Wikipedia…or, what a “fach” is, ditto!

A friend of mine came up with some amazing foreign drag names (as well as the third option in the poll). I HAVE to share them with you here, although I don’t think they are right for me, or my presumed drag persona.: Chesty Kumallova, Vaselina Alloverya, Marina Fishnetskaya, Lieselotte Sprekenzidoitch. And, although it’s tempting to be über-trashé, I’m passing on some other new gems I dreamt up, including Ismelda Fart, Anja Knees, and Amanda Doo, because that’s just NOT moi!


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  1. jumping clapping man on

    …and, as if that wasn’t enough, somehow I forgot to include “Zillernelli”, a take on the famous castrati “Farinelli”…and an old nickname from my choir days (I was a countertenor).

  2. jumping clapping man on

    It doesn’t appear the “Other” votes are made visible to readers, so I’ll share them here.

    “Other” vote #1 is: “Phyllis Ziller”.

    How sweet…an old friend who is no longer with us in body used to call me that!

  3. jumping clapping man on

    “Other” vote #2 is: “Diva La Divo”

  4. jumping clapping man on

    “Other” vote #3 is: “Fraeulein Anita Grosse Fach”

  5. jumping clapping man on

    hhmmm…would “Rita D. Valkyries” be funnier than the original option 1?

  6. jumping clapping man on

    “Other vote #4 is: “Baroness Paulina Von Zill Zill”.

    I am certain this was submitted by a back-stabbing drag queen who wishes to see my downfall. 😉

  7. jumping clapping man on

    Other vote #5 is: “Ineeda Snatch”

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