Let the Sunshine In

Here’s some rough but spirited snapshots/outtakes from our recent Hair photoshoot. The actual photographer’s selects are still to come. It was a fantastic experience…bonding us further as a “tribe”, and connecting us with the true spirit of the show. Yes, the men’s hair needs to grow longer…there is time for that (and/or wigs). In the meantime, enjoy this small taste of what’s to come…

Let the Sunshine InLet the Sunshine In...againThe TribeTribal Hug

I’m (as Berger) at far left in the second photo, at center of the third photo, and at far left (partially cropped) in the final photo.


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  1. rissole on

    Hi. This comment is related to the one you left on Jenny Kirk’s last blog:

    “This was a VERY interesting analysis of the internal experience, and sometimes battle of an athlete. Interestingly, I’m a part-time stage performer, and identified with A LOT of what was said/shared here.
    Although “winning” isn’t part of my equation, a desire/struggle to attain perfection is…and overcoming it may very well be done in much the same way as you and “rissole” noted.
    Thank you both!”

    You’re very welcome, jumpingclappingman. I really liked what Jenny wrote, and I’m glad that you found some of my comments helpful as well. It’s been a long struggle for me, but I’ve let go of a lot of my perfectionistic tendencies and have learned to relax and have more fun. Life is too short to waste it by always trying to be perfect.

    That’s interesting you’re a part-time stage performer. I’ve definitely seen your picture elsewhere on the Web–I think on some Web page devoted to skating videos.

    Anyway, it’s been a few days since I’ve looked at that blog, but I did want to respond to your nice comment. Take care.

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