A Very Early Snow: USOC Preview

…and, when it snows, it pours. Or, something like that.

These USOC Winter Portraits” were taken at Smashbox Studios, in LA (May 12 & 15th). They serve as a very exciting preview of all the US Olympic aspirations the upcoming season holds. I felt like a little boy who got a big peak into his biggest gift under the Christmas tree. See the entire photoshoot at Universal Sports’ photo gallery. But, trust me, these snow angels give the best face in these selects.

Evan sure appears to be sending a cold breeze up Johnny’s back:
“Brrrrrrr” (translated from Russian). Looks like Jeremy is hoping to summon up “may the force be with you”, in his Obi-Wan Kenobi look-alike portrait. And, Mirai’s on-ice exuberance seems to be MIA in her shoot…thankfully, she shines when the pressure is on. Speaking of MIA, no M.K.? The door is closing fast!

Now, enjoy our US hopefuls as the Brady Bunch (if you’re too young to get that, enjoy this morsel of ’70s cheese.):

Evan & JohnnySashaJeffrey & AlissaRachael & Belgosto

Zhang & McBruDavite & WagnerMroz & Nagasu

4 comments so far

  1. Aaron on

    I think these are just the cutest pics ever! Evan, Johnny, Meryl and Charlie…love them!

  2. Aaron on

    Caroline’s is totally way cute too!!!

  3. jumping clapping man on

    Agreed! I was shocked at how mature Miz Zhang looks here. Her diminutive frame keeps her looking like a junior on the ice. Perhaps it’s at least time for her to let her hair down on-ice to reveal more of the physical maturity seen here (her skating already shows this maturity, of course.)

    Doesn’t McBru’s photo seem to be a dead giveaway that something may be going on off the ice? Now that she’s 16+, they can let the cat out of the bag, eh? Or, perhaps they just ooze sensuality, despite their off-ice relationship, because they’re so beautiful.

  4. jumping clapping man on

    I think it’s slightly criminal that Denney & Barrett appear to have been left out. At this point, they should be given as much confidence-backing as possible to help continue to launch them (not that they needed it this first season!), and clearly staked their claim to being among these skaters!

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