The Final Countdown…5 Days!

BTW, if you’ve never sampled one of the finest pieces of musical fromage, The Final Countdown, by the Swedish rock band Europe, now is your chance. My former coworkers brought this little bit of happy into my life:

Yes, this song reached No. 1 in 25 countries, including the UK. WTF?

As most of you skating fans already know, the first big wallop was dealt to the Worlds line-up in the withdrawal of last year’s ice dance champions Delobel & Schoenfelder. Her should injury apparently didn’t heal quickly enough for them to compete.

Although they are among my favorites in the current crop of competitive ice dance teams, this certainly bodes well for the U.S. teams, further opening up the possibility of us having two teams on the podium. They will have to skate their best to achieve this, but it is possible.

This would be the first time since the 1966 Worlds, in Davos, Switzerland that two American ice dance teams would share the podium at Worlds, receiving the silver and bronze that year (and would be only the second time EVER!). This have never been achieved at any Olympics. So, my fingers are crossed for a repeat on this rare piece of Worlds’ history

With the withdrawal, I now predict that Davis & White will win the silver, and Belbin & Agosto the pewter (updating my previous prediction). Of course, I hope I’m wrong about B&A’s placement.

While ice dance is the focus, here’s my favorite team-of-all-time’s winning ’92 Olympic Free Dance. They had the perfect balance of technique, expression, restraint, creativity, elegance, beauty, and sensuality:

It is your last chance to enter my Worlds Podium Predictions Contest. FYI, your email address will NOT be used for any purpose, or distributed to any list, and will only be visible to me (not readers) via your username. This is ONLY for fun. Don’t miss out… voting ends March 20th.

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