Yu-Na Gets A Makeover!

Over Christmas blingee.com became my online addiction du jour. Well, in hindsight it seemed PERFECT for “enhancing” figure skating images, what with all the snow and K-through-tween princessy graphics (I didn’t even scratch the surface on those!). Yu-Na won the “jcm” blingee.com makeover because she is a personal favorite and probably the safest bet for a gold at Worlds (although noone’s really “safe”).

Yuna Gets Blingee'd Up!
Add Glitter to Pictures

However, since I’m 38, not 13, I felt compelled to salvage my edgy hipster reputation by balancing out the über-cute with a dose of scathing commentary too. I chose to focus on the controversy of judges being “bought out” for their votes, or prize money greed and hunger for fame — the shadow motivation behind all those sequins and tears (thus, Yu-Na skating towards the stack ‘o bills). High concept!

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